The demands and services of the specialist role of close protection is an ever increasing global activity. In recent years we have all seen the heightened terrorist threat and the increase in international organised criminal networks. Those concerned in serious crime are now better able to travel more easily through border controls committing crimes such as blackmail, kidnap and industrial espionage.

Guardforce Security has fully trained and qualified operatives with the right skills, knowledge and abilities to undertake a professional protective role throughout the world. The company have gained invaluable experiences in carrying out detailed threat and risk assessments that will provide both the necessary support and confidentiality that their clients required from our service. The operatives the company deploys ensures that our clients maintain their daily activity without fear or concern and that ongoing risks are managed in order that any adjustments to the client are controlled and timely.

The expertise we offer can provide services from individual close protection, to a dedicated team of Officers tasked to protect individuals, their families and property and assets through Close Protection accredited Residential Security Teams. Guardforce Security can offer overt and covert protection specifically designed to meet the client’s requirements according to any cultural, political and religious needs that may be required.

Guardforce Security provide a service that will encompass diligence, discretion confidentiality and most importantly professionalism that will ensure that our client feels protected and safe in any environment they may frequent.